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Since most of our family and friends live quite a distance away, our new blog will share details of the next chapter
in our lives, adding a new member of the family!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Waiting Game

Not much to report today, we're still waiting on little Baby Burns. Had our appt. yesterday and everything looks good and on track. The doctor said it could be any day now, but of course that means it could be any day within the next two weeks (the doctor will induce if she doesn't appear two weeks from now), which feels like eternity! A friend of mine out here in Portland was due two days before me and we constantly check in with each other. Yesterday morning she was feeling totally normal and then had her baby last night! It really hit home how quickly it can all happen. She had a healthy baby girl, probably Matilda's first girl friend! So Andrew and I will continue to distract ourselves until the big day and will definitely be posting up her first pictures when she makes her debut!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Patience is not my strong suit

We're so close now! I am trying to be very patient and convince myself that Matilda will probably not arrive for at least 17 days and will most likely be late and yet I still find myself getting excited thinking that it really could be any day now! Andrew and I spent this past weekend checking everything off our to-do list and I'm excited to say we're in a very good place. We both know how to put together pack n' play's, swings, bouncy seats and baby furniture like pros. All her little outfits are washed, blankets are ready and diapers are lined up ready to be used. Our house is in good shape, cars are washed and even Bailey has a groomer appointment so that he is looking very handsome when he meets the new baby! I think becoming this organized and taking care of this stuff is what they meant by nesting!

Last Friday we had another OB appointment and were very pleased to discover everything is moving forward- 70% effaced and 2 cm now dilated- halfway to what is considered the start of active labor! Another fun little tidbit is that the dr. estimates the baby's weight to currently be 7 lbs and that she'll probably be about 7.5 or 8 lbs at birth. We know it's a definite guesstimate, but funny to think about. I thought we'd have this petite little girl, but she could have a little junk in her trunk if she comes in at 8 lbs!

We are using a doulah during the birth, which is basically someone that we meet with twice before birth and then she's present during the entire labor and delivery process and then a few times afterwards so she can give some postpartum help. She acts as an advocate and coach in the labor room and will basically be there to give Andrew and I experienced tips on techniques, positions, offers comfort measures and acts as a go between for us and the doctor when needed. I'm not quite sure if this is a sign that we've become more Portland-esque by using a little holistic approach to the process?!

Below is my most recent pregnancy photo taken at 37 weeks. I had to include my first pregnancy belly shot taken at 17 weeks, it's fun to see the difference 20 weeks makes! Even the hair has changed :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things are Moving and Shaking

Things are really starting to move along now! We started our weekly doctor appointments last Friday and were told that the baby is head down and that I'm already 1.5 cm dilated! I took this as very positive and exciting news. The doctor said that all signs do seem to indicate I may deliver early, but at the same time we have to wait and see how things progress, I could stay at 1.5 cm for the next four weeks. We also learned that my doctor prefers to induce labor once a woman is 7-10 days past her due date, so we know that something will definitely happen within the next four weeks. Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks, which we have come to learn is considered full term so the baby could really arrive at any time without any concern and fully developed. So more waiting and seeing, but regardless it means that things are moving in the right direction and quickly!

With this progress, we've really started looking at our surroundings and trying to think of everything we need to accomplish before she arrives. We're in very good shape thanks to the kindness of our friends and family sending us all kinds of goodies. Already this little girl has been shown so much love, it's very touching. We've also finished all of our baby, labor & delivery classes and the nursery is pretty much put together. I've included pictures below of the latest nursery shots. Later this week I'll post full term pregnancy photos!

Bailey likes hanging in the nursery too!

The room has a lot of pink so we decided to paint a yellow bookshelf to break it up a bit!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Northwest Vacation

Andrew and I went on our babymoon. I know the term causes a lot of eyerolling, but it does describe our trip very well. We wanted to get away for one last vacation where it was just us enjoying each others company and exploring the NW. We did have to bring Bailey, who can be a huge baby, but he didn't had too many complications! We also learned that vacation has already taken on a new meaning- we were moving at a lot slower of a pace and couldn't walk around and do as many adventurous things as we'd normally take part in, but it was still extremely relaxing and so nice to spend time away, in each others company just taking it easy!

The first day we drove up to Olympic National Park and took in Washington's beautiful mountain scene. Made us think of Colorado and how great it would be to get back and backpack through the park- I wonder if Matilda will be up for that?! Afterwards we took a ferry over to Victoria, B.C. for a night. It was a gorgeous clean city right on the water. Unfortunately we could not walk around too much on Sunday, so instead hopped in a bike cab and learned all about the history and architecture of the city. We then zipped over to Butchart Gardens upon my grandfather's suggestion (and many others, but he was the most adamant that we go). The flowers were amazing, so vibrant. Then we headed over to another ferry depot and caught a ride over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, the most populated island in the San Juan archipelago (there are about 400 islands).

Unfortunately Monday was gray and raining all day. I know we should have been upset, being in this outdoor mecca stuck inside, but we didn't mind hanging around in our PJs, watching movies and grabbing two good meals in town. It was nice to just be with each other, taking it very easy! Tuesday and Wednesday were much nicer, allowing us to get out and explore. Tuesday we went for mini hikes at different lookout points around the island looking for Orca whales (we didn't see any). Andrew had to work in the afternoon, so I went on a whale watch and saw tons of seals and a humpback whale. Our last day there we rented a little Boston Whaler and got out and explored the harbor and the two surrounding islands. More encounters with seals and just quiet time on the water, which I love! We headed home Wednesday evening refreshed and revived!

We're now ready to face our last month and a half before becoming parents and look forward to vacations that include the 3 of us. We started our baby prep classes last night, which was a real eye opener. The countdown is ramping up!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time keeps on rolling

We've hit 30 weeks, 3/4 of the way done and three weeks into the third trimester! Things are really starting to roll now. We start our baby classes at the end of this month, have a few meet & greets with possible pediatricians and now see the doctor every other week. Little Matilda is dancing away in there, causing a lot of visible movement and chances for Andrew to feel her and interact. Needless to say, we are getting very, very excited about it all. We had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday and her heartbeat is strong. The doctor said she looks to weigh about 3 lbs. and is head down for now, all very good things. I am having issues with lethargy and blood work shows Anemia so I've started taking iron supplements, which should fix me right up.

My friends Duck and Sara Weneck came out from Denver for a NW adventure and stayed with us for a long weekend last weekend. It's always so great spending time with close friends in a new town. I forgot to take pictures of course, but Sara has promised to send some that I can share. We went hiking, hit up some scrumptious places to eat, did a little shopping and just hung out and caught up. They proceeded north for some more fun and it was quite sad to see them go.

Andrew, Bailey and I head that way this coming Saturday for our last pre-baby trip. We'll spend some time in the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington and on Victoria Island, BC. Can't wait for a little R&R, it is definitely well deserved for Andrew.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Doggie ICU and Nurseries

Another busy week to be had in P-Town. Unfortunately busy weeks always mean a lot of work for Andrew and a lot of watching and coordinating on my end since it's getting harder and harder to bend over and be of much help!

The week started off for us with a scare. Poor Bailey developed bladder stones again and had to go in Tuesday for a routine surgery to remove them. Unfortunately he reacted poorly to the anesthesia. The vet staff ended up having to breath for him and his blood pressure crashed. It was very scary and he wasn't waking up when he should have. We had to transfer him to Doggie ICU for the night. Andrew and I were very nervous and not feeling very good about our decision to put him through the surgery. Poor little guy looked awful. But we got him home Wednesday and he looked much better. Today he is a lot perkier and you can tell he's on a quick road to recovery, so it all ended well. In the picture you can see the poor guy with his collar. The soft collars are genius, he handles it much better than those hard, stiff cones. You can also see his shaved little legs where they had to put in a lot of IVs and needles :(

This past weekend finally brought some nice weather to Portland. We had sunshine and temps in the 80s. We got out Saturday and enjoyed a pickle throwdown (a pickle tasting) in the hood and picked up our nursery furniture that arrived sooner than anticipated. On Sunday I got to visit with my friend Jen from Denver who was in Portland for just a few hours on a layover. We grabbed lunch and got to catch up, it was so good to see her. Andrew got to work and put together the crib, dresser and rocker. He never ceases to amaze me what he can accomplish in a day! The walls in the nursery are white, which we don't want to mess up, so we decided to use sticker decals to add some color and our own flair. You can kind of catch on to our theme of flowers and butterflies and the use of pink and green below :) My mom sent us the crib sheet set that I absolutely love and think is perfect! We now have a skeleton of a nursery!!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Travels and New Home

Man, it has been a busy few weeks for the Portland Burns! I traveled east to see my family in upstate NY on the St. Lawrence River. We had a memorial service for my great aunt Sally, a graduation party for my cousin Emily and a 4th of July party, with a few other celebrations mixed in. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with my mom and younger brother Dave and see a lot of my extended family.

While I was out of town poor Andrew had to move us from our old house to a new one. It was a pain to move as always and the poor guy had to do it all with two semi-helpful movers. Luckily he can smile about it now and we love the new place! We're mostly settled in now, have fantastic views of Mt. Helen's and the Willamette River and are only 4 houses away from Forest Park, where we love to hike and walk.

I'm at 26.5 weeks and feeling good, but definitely pregnant. My belly is getting bigger and bigger and I can feel her move a ton. I enter the third trimester in just over a week, time sure is flying by! We had a very enlightening trip to Babies R Us to check out baby gear my very helpful friends have suggested and we bought our nursery furniture. I'm getting very excited to set up the nursery, we have a vision :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family fun in Seattle

Last weekend Andrew and I headed north to Seattle to meet up with his brother Robert, his wife Casey and Andrew's parents, Jim and Lynda. It was great to explore a new city with family and we haven't seen Andrew's parents in a long time! The first few days we explored Pike's market, where we picked up fresh produce and fish to make dinner back at the condo we were staying at. There is nothing better than fresh, home cooked seafood! On Saturday we headed out to the Boeing Flight museum and walked through a Concord jet and an old Air Force One plane. We also saw planes that were used during WWII. I will have to show pictures to my grandpa to see if any of the planes we saw were what he flew during the war.

On Monday the weather started clearing up and we headed out on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. We were walking along a beach and stumbled upon a bald eagle hanging in the surf. It was completely unexpected to see one so close, but was very exciting! When we got back to Seattle it was clear enough for a spontaneous trip up the Space Needle to check out the amazing views of the city.

I think a fun time was had by all, but we did all leave a bit sad that we live so far apart and hope we can see each other again sooner rather than later.

Andrew and I were struck a few times with the thought of how different family vacations will be once little girl Burns arrives! We have yet to decide on a name. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make a final decision until I see her, so for now we're calling her Matilda, a character from one of my favorite childhood books and a name I know won't stick :)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

21 Weeks and Feeling Good

We are passed the halfway point and it feels good, although a little scary to know we'll be parents in just over 4 months! We had our monthly appointment yesterday and everything is measuring correctly. I love hearing the heartbeat too, always very comforting. I can also feel her move around now and just started feeling the little jabs. Here is a photo at 21 weeks. Next week we head to Seattle to see half of the Burns clan- Jim, Lynda, Rob and Casey. Very excited!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vegas Baby

Last weekend I took a ladies trip to Vegas with my good friends Jodie and Jennie from the old neighborhood, North Springfield, VA. We've known each other since we were 6 or so, so it's safe to say we go way back! It was the perfect getaway, the weather was sunny and in the 80s, the complete opposite of Portland, which is still rainy and in the 50s or 60s. The ladies and I laid by the pool, tried our hand at gambling (which didn't turn out well) and ate some delicious food. On the last day we rented a cabana, a truly luxurious way to hang out in the sun. It was a very laid back trip without any complications. The ladies also surprised me with a baby girl outfit, my very first! It reminded me how adorable little girl clothes are, with all their ruffles and fun colors, I will definitely need to practice self-restraint!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We found out during our last appointment that we're expecting a healthy baby girl this October! It is always so reassuring to hear that everything is growing right on schedule and to know all organs and parts look healthy! I didn't always know exactly what we were looking at, but I take the doctor's word for everything!

As planned, we had the ultrasound technician write down the gender on a piece of paper and put it into an envelope. Of course, I could not wait so we went right to the car and opened it. We were both thinking it'd be a boy, since they're so prevalent in our families, so we were shocked to see it's a girl written out! The tech told us that she's never wrong. So now we have to hit the name books and decide on the perfect name for her.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ultrasound date moved up

Good news and what I will term interesting news, our ultrasound date has been moved to this Thursday, May 19. Results from my last appointment's lab work came back showing my protein levels were slightly out of the normal range. This could be an indication of a zillion things or just be what is normal for my pregnancy, but they'd like to do the anatomical peek sooner rather than later to rule out a majority of possibilities.

This is definitely fine with me because that means I get to see the little turnip (that's how everyone describes the size of the baby now) in just 4 days! It also means we should be able to find out the sex. It'll be at the early end, I'll just be 18 weeks, but they should be able to locate all the right parts to determine whether all is healthy and if we will be looking forward to a baby girl or a baby boy. Andrew and I decided, thanks to a brilliant idea from Brian and Ashley, that we'll ask the doctor to put the gender results in an envelope for us to take home. That way we can open it when it's just the two of us. It seems much more celebratory that way. Thank you Brian and Ashley for the good idea, I can't wait to use it! So I'll be posting the sex on Thursday or Friday, stay tuned!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Belly at 17 weeks!

So I'm definitely showing, but I think it could still be taken as a beer (ice cream in my case) belly.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Introducing Baby Burns

I have jumped on the new baby blog bandwagon and decided to chronicle our adventures via blog to help keep all of our friends and family that are scattered across the country updated! Andrew and I are so excited to add a new member to our family this fall. So far, it has been quite the journey. The beginning was full of highs and lows- I started working with a fabulous new PR firm in Portland, I was down and out sick for two months and Andrew went missing in the Aspen mountains. But life moves on and here I am at 17 weeks and feeling wonderful!

I went in yesterday for our monthly appointment and heard the heartbeat. It's beating at a healthy 140 beats a minute, which is always reassuring. I haven't felt the baby kick, but am anxiously awaiting that big first. I am definitely showing and wearing maternity clothes. It is a crazy experience to watch your stomach expand outwardly and have zero control over it. I've been doing yoga and hitting the gym regularly to try and keep the weight gain in check, we'll see how that works out!

We go in to find out the sex on May 27 and I am counting the days! This ultrasound picture was during the first trimester at 12 weeks. It's amazing how much detail you can see that early on!

Below is the little onsie I picked out to celebrate my entrance into the second trimester a few weeks back. So far it's the one and only piece we have for the new baby, everything is on hold until we know the gender!