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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family fun in Seattle

Last weekend Andrew and I headed north to Seattle to meet up with his brother Robert, his wife Casey and Andrew's parents, Jim and Lynda. It was great to explore a new city with family and we haven't seen Andrew's parents in a long time! The first few days we explored Pike's market, where we picked up fresh produce and fish to make dinner back at the condo we were staying at. There is nothing better than fresh, home cooked seafood! On Saturday we headed out to the Boeing Flight museum and walked through a Concord jet and an old Air Force One plane. We also saw planes that were used during WWII. I will have to show pictures to my grandpa to see if any of the planes we saw were what he flew during the war.

On Monday the weather started clearing up and we headed out on the ferry to Bainbridge Island. We were walking along a beach and stumbled upon a bald eagle hanging in the surf. It was completely unexpected to see one so close, but was very exciting! When we got back to Seattle it was clear enough for a spontaneous trip up the Space Needle to check out the amazing views of the city.

I think a fun time was had by all, but we did all leave a bit sad that we live so far apart and hope we can see each other again sooner rather than later.

Andrew and I were struck a few times with the thought of how different family vacations will be once little girl Burns arrives! We have yet to decide on a name. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to make a final decision until I see her, so for now we're calling her Matilda, a character from one of my favorite childhood books and a name I know won't stick :)

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