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Since most of our family and friends live quite a distance away, our new blog will share details of the next chapter
in our lives, adding a new member of the family!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Northwest Vacation

Andrew and I went on our babymoon. I know the term causes a lot of eyerolling, but it does describe our trip very well. We wanted to get away for one last vacation where it was just us enjoying each others company and exploring the NW. We did have to bring Bailey, who can be a huge baby, but he didn't had too many complications! We also learned that vacation has already taken on a new meaning- we were moving at a lot slower of a pace and couldn't walk around and do as many adventurous things as we'd normally take part in, but it was still extremely relaxing and so nice to spend time away, in each others company just taking it easy!

The first day we drove up to Olympic National Park and took in Washington's beautiful mountain scene. Made us think of Colorado and how great it would be to get back and backpack through the park- I wonder if Matilda will be up for that?! Afterwards we took a ferry over to Victoria, B.C. for a night. It was a gorgeous clean city right on the water. Unfortunately we could not walk around too much on Sunday, so instead hopped in a bike cab and learned all about the history and architecture of the city. We then zipped over to Butchart Gardens upon my grandfather's suggestion (and many others, but he was the most adamant that we go). The flowers were amazing, so vibrant. Then we headed over to another ferry depot and caught a ride over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, the most populated island in the San Juan archipelago (there are about 400 islands).

Unfortunately Monday was gray and raining all day. I know we should have been upset, being in this outdoor mecca stuck inside, but we didn't mind hanging around in our PJs, watching movies and grabbing two good meals in town. It was nice to just be with each other, taking it very easy! Tuesday and Wednesday were much nicer, allowing us to get out and explore. Tuesday we went for mini hikes at different lookout points around the island looking for Orca whales (we didn't see any). Andrew had to work in the afternoon, so I went on a whale watch and saw tons of seals and a humpback whale. Our last day there we rented a little Boston Whaler and got out and explored the harbor and the two surrounding islands. More encounters with seals and just quiet time on the water, which I love! We headed home Wednesday evening refreshed and revived!

We're now ready to face our last month and a half before becoming parents and look forward to vacations that include the 3 of us. We started our baby prep classes last night, which was a real eye opener. The countdown is ramping up!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Time keeps on rolling

We've hit 30 weeks, 3/4 of the way done and three weeks into the third trimester! Things are really starting to roll now. We start our baby classes at the end of this month, have a few meet & greets with possible pediatricians and now see the doctor every other week. Little Matilda is dancing away in there, causing a lot of visible movement and chances for Andrew to feel her and interact. Needless to say, we are getting very, very excited about it all. We had a doctor's appointment last Wednesday and her heartbeat is strong. The doctor said she looks to weigh about 3 lbs. and is head down for now, all very good things. I am having issues with lethargy and blood work shows Anemia so I've started taking iron supplements, which should fix me right up.

My friends Duck and Sara Weneck came out from Denver for a NW adventure and stayed with us for a long weekend last weekend. It's always so great spending time with close friends in a new town. I forgot to take pictures of course, but Sara has promised to send some that I can share. We went hiking, hit up some scrumptious places to eat, did a little shopping and just hung out and caught up. They proceeded north for some more fun and it was quite sad to see them go.

Andrew, Bailey and I head that way this coming Saturday for our last pre-baby trip. We'll spend some time in the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Washington and on Victoria Island, BC. Can't wait for a little R&R, it is definitely well deserved for Andrew.