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Since most of our family and friends live quite a distance away, our new blog will share details of the next chapter
in our lives, adding a new member of the family!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Things are Moving and Shaking

Things are really starting to move along now! We started our weekly doctor appointments last Friday and were told that the baby is head down and that I'm already 1.5 cm dilated! I took this as very positive and exciting news. The doctor said that all signs do seem to indicate I may deliver early, but at the same time we have to wait and see how things progress, I could stay at 1.5 cm for the next four weeks. We also learned that my doctor prefers to induce labor once a woman is 7-10 days past her due date, so we know that something will definitely happen within the next four weeks. Tomorrow I will be 37 weeks, which we have come to learn is considered full term so the baby could really arrive at any time without any concern and fully developed. So more waiting and seeing, but regardless it means that things are moving in the right direction and quickly!

With this progress, we've really started looking at our surroundings and trying to think of everything we need to accomplish before she arrives. We're in very good shape thanks to the kindness of our friends and family sending us all kinds of goodies. Already this little girl has been shown so much love, it's very touching. We've also finished all of our baby, labor & delivery classes and the nursery is pretty much put together. I've included pictures below of the latest nursery shots. Later this week I'll post full term pregnancy photos!

Bailey likes hanging in the nursery too!

The room has a lot of pink so we decided to paint a yellow bookshelf to break it up a bit!