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Monday, July 18, 2011

Travels and New Home

Man, it has been a busy few weeks for the Portland Burns! I traveled east to see my family in upstate NY on the St. Lawrence River. We had a memorial service for my great aunt Sally, a graduation party for my cousin Emily and a 4th of July party, with a few other celebrations mixed in. It was a fantastic opportunity to spend quality time with my mom and younger brother Dave and see a lot of my extended family.

While I was out of town poor Andrew had to move us from our old house to a new one. It was a pain to move as always and the poor guy had to do it all with two semi-helpful movers. Luckily he can smile about it now and we love the new place! We're mostly settled in now, have fantastic views of Mt. Helen's and the Willamette River and are only 4 houses away from Forest Park, where we love to hike and walk.

I'm at 26.5 weeks and feeling good, but definitely pregnant. My belly is getting bigger and bigger and I can feel her move a ton. I enter the third trimester in just over a week, time sure is flying by! We had a very enlightening trip to Babies R Us to check out baby gear my very helpful friends have suggested and we bought our nursery furniture. I'm getting very excited to set up the nursery, we have a vision :)

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