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Monday, October 3, 2011

Patience is not my strong suit

We're so close now! I am trying to be very patient and convince myself that Matilda will probably not arrive for at least 17 days and will most likely be late and yet I still find myself getting excited thinking that it really could be any day now! Andrew and I spent this past weekend checking everything off our to-do list and I'm excited to say we're in a very good place. We both know how to put together pack n' play's, swings, bouncy seats and baby furniture like pros. All her little outfits are washed, blankets are ready and diapers are lined up ready to be used. Our house is in good shape, cars are washed and even Bailey has a groomer appointment so that he is looking very handsome when he meets the new baby! I think becoming this organized and taking care of this stuff is what they meant by nesting!

Last Friday we had another OB appointment and were very pleased to discover everything is moving forward- 70% effaced and 2 cm now dilated- halfway to what is considered the start of active labor! Another fun little tidbit is that the dr. estimates the baby's weight to currently be 7 lbs and that she'll probably be about 7.5 or 8 lbs at birth. We know it's a definite guesstimate, but funny to think about. I thought we'd have this petite little girl, but she could have a little junk in her trunk if she comes in at 8 lbs!

We are using a doulah during the birth, which is basically someone that we meet with twice before birth and then she's present during the entire labor and delivery process and then a few times afterwards so she can give some postpartum help. She acts as an advocate and coach in the labor room and will basically be there to give Andrew and I experienced tips on techniques, positions, offers comfort measures and acts as a go between for us and the doctor when needed. I'm not quite sure if this is a sign that we've become more Portland-esque by using a little holistic approach to the process?!

Below is my most recent pregnancy photo taken at 37 weeks. I had to include my first pregnancy belly shot taken at 17 weeks, it's fun to see the difference 20 weeks makes! Even the hair has changed :)


  1. Really excited for you guys!!! Excited for the arrival post :)

  2. My neighbors just had their baby and didn't take a class etc....big mistake. I was with them as they delivered at Fx but think the class really helps prepare you. Also followed the NPR blog on 9 first time moms....very well done. You,ll do great and it is a wonderful experience. You babysat for Brian who was 9 3 at birth and you thought he was so small!