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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sign language classes and rolling over

Katelyn and I graduated from sign language class yesterday and as if that wasn't exciting enough, she completed her first roll over during the class! I tried to contain some of my excitement so that I didn't embarrass both of us, but the whole room cheered for her, both vocally and through sign language :) She completed a roll again this morning, but she doesn't look like she's quite mastered it and is surprised every time it happens. She knows she wants to roll over and she gets how it happens, but hasn't quite grasped how to complete a roll over every time. She keeps attempting it though so it's only a matter of time until this little girl is mobile!

Our sign language class was a four week program and we learned all the popular signs babies use. Apparently babies start understanding and using sign language around 6-7 months. Since Katelyn is only 4 months the class was really more for my benefit, but I'm excited to see if anything takes hold down the road.

Keeping up with this blog has made me realize I am not taking enough photos! So no photo to include with this post, but I hope to always have some going forward!

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