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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fun in the Sun

Katelyn and I took a trip from one coast to the other last week to visit family in Florida. All in all she met a great great Aunt and Uncle, a great grandfather, five great aunts, four great uncles, her Grandpa Hamric and Annie, Ed, four second cousins, two third cousins and her Uncle Kevin and Aunt Megan. She also got reacquainted with her Gammy, who hasn't seen Katelyn since she was born five months ago! So suffice it to say, we saw a lot of family in between some fun in the sun! She stuck her toes in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and played in the pool with her cousins Peyton and Sam. I think she's going to be a water baby (or that's me projecting my wishes onto her).

I felt a huge sense of accomplishment because we didn't have any issues on the plane, I now know I travel with her by myself, but look forward to her daddy joining us for our next big adventure. We didn't have any problems adjusting to the time change, which was nice, she slept like a champ. She seemed to love the warm weather, enjoying walks and taking naps outside. We're back in Portland now readjusting to our schedules. The fun keeps on coming though because next week her mimmy and poppy are coming out for Easter!

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